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Dynamic Defence Solutions with Stainless Steel Products

The Australian Defence Force is the military organisation that is responsible for the defence in Australia. In taking care of our national interests the Royal Navy, the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Air Force and the several tri-service units that make up the Australian Defence Force, all need quality stainless steel. Here at Austfluid Link, we offer the highest quality materials in stainless steel tube fittings, hydraulic hoses and the essential parts needed for the defence industry: for engines, weaponry, military vehicles and other essential machinery to secure the nation’s defence.

Why the Defence Industry Needs High Quality Materials

Defence machinery must have the best materials the nation has to offer them, to ensure paramount safety and accuracy within the industry and everything they do. Here at Austfluid Link, we are Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality, durable and reliable stainless steel parts that have been used for engines, gun parts, military vehicles and more within the Australian Defence Force and we intend to continue to provide our nation’s protectors with materials that are safe and can be trusted.

Poorly gapped and leaky tube fitting connections are a major source of danger or future damage and, unfortunately, low grade stainless steel accessories and fittings are often of inferior quality, which eventuates in dangerous accidents and machinery needing to be replaced far more often.

Without special tools it is difficult to tell if the tube fittings are tightened enough or perhaps too tight. The result in either case is leaks, potential blowouts due to a poor seal, or excessive strain on your tubing. All these seemingly minor issues can add up to real problems, especially in large-scale industrial applications like the military or the air force. Minimise the risk of your stainless steel parts and essential steel accessories and choose the qualified professionals at Austfluid Link for all your tube fittings, hydraulic hosing, pipes and valves.

Australian Defence Force’s Leading Manufacturer

Choosing the right stainless steel compression fittings can make a massive difference in safety and cost for your operations, whether you’re a buyer or you’re looking for a professional manufacturer within the Asia Pacific Region for your defence-based applications.

As an Australian owned company, Austfluid Link are the Australian Defence Force’s leading manufacturer and we are proud to continue to be so, making a difference in the safety and the quality of essential tools that are used throughout our country. We also offer our loyal customers the speciality production of any and all special requirement Stainless Steel Fittings that you and your industry may need within 72 hours.

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